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What would you do to make your dream a reality?






Years ago I ran across this story of a man by the name of Maxcy Filer an Attorney out of Compton CA.   Maxcy, also known in Compton as "Mr. Perseverance" took the California State bar exam for the first time in 1966 and failed.  No one not even Maxcy knew what was to come after his first attempt and failure that would inspire a whole city and state for years to come.  Maxcy would go on and take the California bar exam every year, twice a year for 25 years. 


Finally in 1991 Maxcy, passed the California bar exam after the 48th attempt.  This story inspired me so much that when I thought about the values that I wanted my practice to stand on.  I couldn't think of anyone better than the values of Mr. Maxcy Filer! 

Maxcy, proved that with enough time, practice and perseverance anything can be accomplished.

As a Life Coach and a Solopreneur.  I decided to start a Life Coaching and Personal Development company that focused on "helping you to build your life around what was important to you.  I believe that in order to have some kinda of purpose we must shift our focus to that of "being owned" to "owning something" whether that be a piece of mind or property. 

Mr. Perseverance!
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