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Coaching Services

Why Free Strategy Sessions?

 If I told you I was good at what I did, would you believe me??  Probably not, Why?? Because you have no frame of reference or personal experience with me right??!  And that's why I'm giving my wisdom, principles, and strategies away for free in a Q&A personal forum!  Simply, I want to give you my worth, and earn your trust at the same time!  


We live in a shortcut society where no one wants to start at the bottom, no-one wants to pay their dues and certain people think their worth is more than people are willing to pay.  And this kind of thinking and manipulation is what leaves people with buyers remorse!  In all fields especially, Personal Development.




I offer a first come, first serve no-strings attached Q&A Strategy Session.  My objective is simply to help anyone who desires real strategies and perspective to access where you are and how to create or acknowledge an alternative desired path.   


This is by no means a quick fix! This Q&A is merely a different perspective to tie you over until we can work together on a more formal basis. 


If you want to explore our coaching partnership further.  I will send you a coaching contract outlaying what we are going to be working on as well as an invoice and booking schedule to choose the dates and time that work for you. 

Topics to Ask Fearless:

  • Creating a Strong Mental Foundation

  • Accountability vs Responsibility 

  • New Rules, Regulations, and Principles to live by

  • How to trust yourself 

  • How to turn Opposition into Opportunity 

  • Do's and Don't of GOAL Setting

  • How to use Fear as an Ally 

  • Recognizing lesson's vs mistakes 

  • Problem Solving 101

  • Why Motivation isn't enough

  • And much, much more...





How does this process work?

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